Operational Level

September 15, 2014

In general, a DW is a data set with the following characteristics: Theme stored data by subject or subjects (customers, campaigns, products). These are organized from the perspective of end users, while the operational databases are organized from the perspective of the implementation with a view to achieving greater efficiency in data access Integrated All data stored in the DW are integrated . The operational database-oriented applications have been created without thought of their integration, so that the same kind of data can be expressed differently in two different operational databases (for example, to represent the sex: 'Women' and 'masculine' or 'F' and 'M'). Nonvolatile There are only two types of operations in the DW: the burden of data from operational environments (initial load and periodic load) and consulted them. The data update is not part of normal operations of a DW. Historical Time must be present in all the records contained in a DW. The operational database containing the current values of the data, while the DW contain current information and summaries of this in time. ARCHITECTURE functional blocks that correspond to a comprehensive information system that uses a DW are: Operational Level contains primitive data (operational) are being constantly updated, used by systems performing traditional operational transactional operations.

DW data warehouse or contains primitive data for successive loads and some data from DW. The data are derived from data generated from the primitive data to apply some kind of processing (abstracts). Departmental level (Data Mart) contains almost exclusively derived data.

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