On Faster And Departing From XINO

December 15, 2016

XINO scans immigration cards in Mumbai, India Waiblingen, 22 February 2013. NETSPIDER, partner of microform GmbH, has won a prestigious project in India. In the future faster and more user friendly to make the immigration service at the major Indian airports, introduces a digitalization process of the input and exit applications. Here, the scanning and Capturetechnologie ensures of microform accelerated processes. Specifically the scanners XINO S700 and the acquisition software come DpuScan to fruition.

High optical quality, reliable and robust paper as well as a very easy operation combined with great flexibility were decisive for the product selection. The scanners XINO S700 from microform has a number of properties that make it a powerful, reliable and flexible basis for modern Dokumentencapturing. The powerful acquisition software DpuScan supports single-sided or double-sided scanning in color or black and white and offers all necessary functions for scanner setting, display setting and saving the scanned images. As the first site airport is equipped of Mumbai with the products, from microform. The initial volume of immigration to be processed every day is estimated at 30,000 cards. In the later stage of expansion, in which seven international airports in India with XINO S700 and DpuScan are equipped, up to 100,000 scans per site are processed. In addition to the good use, even an exact bar code is on the fly ‘processing necessary.

This structure and the basis for the subsequent digital processing form. Also, the integrated patch code sort order of the system comes to fruition. This increases the efficiency of the entire scanning again. About microform: Microform GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance document scanners and micro-radiography systems. Best image quality microform offers a concept for demanding capturing solutions consisting of powerful hard – and software, objective consulting and competent technical Care. The portfolio of the midrange distinguishes itself especially through its modular concept. Multistreamsysteme processing possibilities in color, grayscale, or black and white. Particularly noteworthy is the unique paper transport system. Alongside application-friendly hardware, best image quality concept of microform offers a wide variety of practical tools for process optimization. SCD smart color detection is a new, advanced functionality of the intelligent color detection and optimised an automated process control system. MDIT multi dimensional intelligent thresholding ensures perfect scan quality from the outset. Contact for press inquiries: microform GmbH Andreas Jack Anton-Schmidt-str. 31/1 D-71332 Waiblingen phone: + 49 7151-9750930 telefax: + 49 7151-9750955 E-Mail: Internet:

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