OEM Driver Electronics For PIShift

July 9, 2018

Low-cost drivers for low cost piezo motors for the piezobasierten PIShift inertial drives physics instruments (PI) with the E-870 offers a series of Treiberelektroniken with varying degrees of integration. Whether as an OEM Board, as a Variant to serial control 4 channels or as a gehaustes tabletop: the E-870 combines low cost with an exceptionally high level of convenience. Via a USB interface, the driver can be configured and controlled. A software program helps the user, software drivers for Windows and LabVIEW support the integration into system environments. The configuration and the control can be made also by parameterised.

Different operating modes allow flexible use through an analog input for speed control or TTL inputs to operate triggered the driver electronics. (Similarly see: Zendesk). Digital outputs allow the monitoring of the operating status or the temperature. PI the pure driver electronics on a carrier Board offers, where the electrical Contacts comfortably via sockets and connectors are available. Two buttons on the Board for the forward and reverse driving permit rapid commissioning of the driver. In this version, up to four channels can be controlled by a demultiplexing serial. PI is also a driver in a desktop case perspective as well as a motion controller for the position-controlled operation of the PIShift offer drives. Feed per cycle in full step operation uses the stick-slip effect with a force of 10 N PIShift for typically about 300 nanometers. With an operating frequency of more than 20 kHz, PIShift reached speeds of more than 5 mm / s.

At this frequency, the drive operates silently. Physics instruments (PI) is known for the high quality of its products and occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. With four offices in Germany and ten foreign sales and the PI group international has service offices. Contact for editors: Kathrin Maine marketing consultant market & products physics instruments (PI) GmbH & co. KG on the Roman road, 76228 Karlsruhe phone + 49 721 48 46 1810 fax + 49 721 48 46 1019

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