New Workplace Strategies

December 22, 2017

Centracon comparison study: building mobile and flexible IT – related jobs is now high in the course the company now apparently, begin to make serious refactoring their client strategies and architectures for device independent IT – jobs want to build more. It is targeted at flexibly usable and mobile structures. A comparison survey of the consulting company Centracon AG, which was carried out for the first time in 2006 and reviewed in the last year come to this conclusion. Striking fact is that the strategic prioritization of such concepts has increased considerably compared with 2012. There she was by 37 percent of the over 200 companies surveyed called high within a year period has laid to only this rate almost by half to 52 percent.

At the same time judging by just 18 percent of IT executives, that they see currently no need to focus on this topic. The background to this development is that the need for device independent jobs for greater mobility and flexibility has increased. So 78 percent of IT managers now indicate a significantly increased demand for last year still 7 percent and in 2006 about one-third were less. Similar to the clear tendency to develop more flexible workplace models, seems more and more companies to be clear, what way should be bashed. Because 55 percent of the companies are now known according to possible solutions in detail, last year there were still significantly less. Robert Gerhards, CEO of Centracon AG, but warns wrong assessments, because his experience in consultancy practice that often wrong shifts are made. He engaged in 10 years digital workplace concepts, in which topics such as virtualization, mobility, BYOD and app stores were combined with traditional desktop approaches. The conceptual alignment must be derived from the business requirements and may not technologically dominated,”emphasizes the consultant therefore and sees a marked difference to previous is Approaches.

In the past was thought from the perspective of technical infrastructure because there were major challenges. Through use of virtualization and centralization, a process automation and liberalisation of the devices is. precisely the advantage of new concepts, that the technical requirements can be manufactured today virtually minute fast and thus the companies offer a huge plus of flexibility in implementing their business strategies” As example calls he provision of high-quality services in the self service at short notice and in a need-based scaling realize the construction or the integration of new subsidiaries, which together with a site-independent client concept let. This will create for the business. new benefit options”

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