May 2, 2017

Today in Kyiv there are over 150 driving schools with well-developed network of branches. In a crisis, some driving schools, because of the slump sets in the group began to set low prices, sometimes half the size of the real price of other driving schools. In this article, I want to explain, thus achieving such savings, and whether it is suitable for training of future drivers. Today the course is designed for driver education driver training for 2.5-3 months, during which time a group of students driving school, must take a course of 192 hours of theoretical training, as well as a course of driving the 40 hours of practical driving instruction. But as it was mentioned above, due to reduced recruitment in the group, many driving schools have gone on so-called "fishing for live bait. By reducing training on the theoretical part (up to 1 times per week), and reduce the number of driving lessons (up to 8-10 classes), they set the prices for training in a driving school from 1500 UAH., eventually luring the customer so low price, bring the final cost of tuition to 2800-3000 USD.

by increasing the initial cost of training 2 times! How is this done? Let's try to explain to you. Initially, the course material provision of this driving school. For driving schools that do not aspire to quality education, training class, it is rented by the hour room, often in educational institutions (schools, colleges, etc.), with two or three posters on the wall, standard school desks, blackboard and chalk.

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