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February 13, 2013

In a recent speech, the President of the United States stated that logistical objectives in the next wars will be data processing centres and centres of communication, where are stored and processed all the information needed to manage intricate systems of weaponry and infrastructure. In this context of increasing strategic importance, engineering PQC Power Quality Control, specialized in the DPC, it has held in Madrid its second technical conference, a gathering of knowledge and debate for the challenges of the future. On Tuesday February 22 PQC brought together 30 of the main specialists responsible for the process of data centers of large dimensions and high criticality as Vodafone, Global Switch, IBM, BBVA, Telefonica, Arsys, Bankinter, T-Systems, Telvent, Bank of Spain, Repsol, Gas Natural Fenosa, Enagas, Ono and France Telecom, among others.On such a day was discussed on key aspects of the present and future of the CPDs such as continuity of operations, sustainability in its exploitation and energy efficiency.Call for proposals, with limited seats, has repeated the success of the first edition, where those responsible for more than 150,000 m2 of CPDs.El met event based its success on which is taught by engineers with proven experience, standing among them a designer accredited Tier de el Uptime Institute (USA), the few that exist in Europe. It arose as an open and collaborative work session where the initial program of PQC expands with the proposals that emerge from the attendees. On this occasion have been discussed topical issues such as the latest trends in refrigeration systems, the design of maintenance plans and energy efficiency.To get the most, is celebrated in format of small round tables where exchanged experiences and points of view about the common problems of facilities, the solutions adopted, as well as on general criteria for planning and forecasting in the medium and short term.The experience is completed with Show Cooking Interactive in charge of the prestigious chef Fernando Canales, who runs the restaurant Etxanobe Bilbao (one star Michelin and two soles of the Repsol Guide). The expert chef and Communicator simply put to cook to all attendees, each one with his apron and this demonstration attendees could live in the world of the kitchen, another professional universe which is also governed by identical obsessions: reliability, innovation and continuity of processes.

A very educational day was at the time as fun. Some engineers showed talents of chef to take into account.Experts on CPDsPQC is a company specialized in engineering services for facilities whose mission directly depends on the correct functioning of the systems and continuity of operations. Founded in 1996 in Bilbao, where it has its headquarters, the company has offices in Madrid and Barcelona. PQC is integrated by 20 professionals with extensive experience and more than 300 references to projects in the fields of critical facilities and efficiency Energy. Original author and source of the article.

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