Marketing Multilevel

January 26, 2016

Today I was reading an interesting article by Jennifer Fisher I received via a message on my facebook page where raised a point that seemed to me interesting well bring it to collation in an own article per what I said in my article which is the reason more important at the moment of choosing a company of MLM on the importance of the education system and support in evaluating an MLM company. In this article the author writes about how to know when a MLM company, also narrates about various experiences in previous multinvel companies that it had been forced to leave these companies for different reasons renounce. In a part of the article account that was made very easy to give up one of these companies since the only media that managed to get was flame to these prospects and if not you can recruit them, put me on the phone line and I recruited them for it. When asked if he had more training, was redirected to the libretto with the same order. When she asked if any had another way to promote this business, the response was, well, you’re gross or that? (almost literally) use the libretto! She writes that at that time it decided that she could not follow the footsteps of someone to whom cared so little success and that neither could sponsor someone in that business if that was the only solution that she could offer to that person.

Support in multilevel systems and your importance here can once more see the importance that has to take the time to investigate the company that we are evaluating to determine, before investing time, money and effort, if it is a company that is worth register. Us teaches the experience take the experience of Jennifer e.g., if then he had made his task of investigating the system of education and support of the company, would surely not involved with it and would not have had to give up this and although this company had excellent products and an extraordinary plan of compensation, would have made much more difficult that a new distributor got the success with this, already in itself is difficult to achieve a new distributor to duplicate the success of their sponsors when there is a good system of education established, accomplished without adequate support becomes a virtually impossible task. MLM companies have evolved much in recent years and the vast majority offer very good systems of education and support to the dealer, as well as very good products and lucrative compensation plans so when we have determined that both the company and our sponsors have implemented modern and adequate education and support systems for the Distributor, the emamorarse of products and feel passion for big happens almost naturally. The solution if you are looking to start a business in marketing MLM or network marketing looking for a company that offers you modern tools that allow you to give meaning to the word marketing is in the name of the model of business. A company having among the tools of promotion that offers tools for blogging, passing by promolcion tools in social networks, education continued through videos, audios, presentations online, etc. To develop your business in a company that offers you all these tools you’re decreasing the percentage of probailidades that do not have success in your business course to a minimum to make all this work you have to add the ingredient more important than it is your constant effort and consistent work.

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