Improve Treatment

March 4, 2019

Humor and how does this to improve treatment every day I see in people a face that has no looks nor compares with that keeps my mind in a sympathetic manner. He live in an almost constant conflict. He does not have security or physically nor as regards basic services, fear for the future, the lack of prevention on the grounds that may be and end the set of hardships that overwhelm us, without a doubt are the elements that triggered our frustration, rage and helplessness and let her see in our faces. For years we have found that humor is one of the causes that une or away from people. It is well known that a smile is the key that opens the door more cautious but what happens when humor, is to call it somehow: unpleasant? What, how and why certain people accept as friends and others, simply, does not support it. The world that surrounds us bombards us with only tragic news, newscasts just highlights the evil in the world, rarely see any than other that serves us comfort or us Let believe that the future will be better.

The whole idea of death is a circumstance that overwhelms. Old age, loss of many of our skills, stress and many other things undermine against our. If to this we add that it is easier to complain that praise, which, unfortunately, the bad thing is easier to irrigate, share that good. And insurance here they enter the game a variety of causes and motives, among which we emphasize the zeal, envy and many others which do not allow us to be fair with others. Now after years of research it was discovered that the human brain under certain parameters differs in its color depending on the mood of each. When is wide image and looks with these new machines.

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