How To Install A Music Server for Streaming Internet Radio Stations

February 10, 2019

This is a simple task that anyone can perform. What really is a challenge is to keep a station on the internet after its inception, however, the latter should not be a source of disappointment for the masses that aspire to reach right through the radio because fortunately successful Internet business solutions that solve the infrastructure and maintenance problems that require a station online. Create a network can be as simple as installing any of the programs available on the market with those who just need a little setup and ready, you start aa issue. If you need is a radio station which aims to simultaneously receive many listeners then you need a previous analysis of global requirements which we divide into two branches of character known as “physical and logical understanding of the physical aspects such as the hardware itself to be used and the physical environment that surrounds him as they are, a dry room, free of dust and it is maintained at a stable temperature with a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in addition to complying with local regulations to act in emergencies and fire prevention, disasters, floods and others. Finally the hardware for the backups should be kept in a different place to where the server is hosted otherwise would be very useless to perform the backups. Among the logical aspects of planning are the software and human capital is what ultimately gives meaning to all the physical infrastructure. There must be a program that fulfills the role of server and of course have a broadband connection capacity which size is determined by the number of simultaneous listeners who aspires to be taken as a measure optimal benchmark for sound transmission audio of 24kbps per listener, one could expect to receive 19 simultaneous listeners if it were our 512k ADSL connection. .

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