Heat Pump Construction

February 28, 2019

New heat pump from the world's leading heat pump slowly and firmly part of our life as a modern way to generate heat. Today the Swedish company NIBE the heating season 2009 produced a staggering novelty – heat pump NIBE F1145. Features of the new model of groundwater heat pumps will surprise both specialists and those who are only acquainted with this modern way of heating: higher efficiency, additional functionality and increased comfort in the management compared to previous models. This model is perfect for heating small areas of homes, offices and industrial buildings. The heat pump is equipped with electronics that allow to regulate heat supply according to changes in weather conditions.

Weather sensors will report if there was a dramatic warming, or, conversely, cold, heat pump and instantly change their job. It provides a comfortable atmosphere in the house constantly. By the way, a new color display with animated pictures are so simple and clear, that the management of heat pump can handle even a child. We were lucky, because this with wonderful new features simultaneously appeared in the Scandinavian countries, as well as ours. We were able to use the most advanced technology, keeping up with Europe on a step! Manufacturer of heat pump NIBE is the market leader in products for heating in the Nordic countries, Poland and the Czech Republic. The parent company is located NIBE Industrier AB in Sweden, in the same and produce heat pumps. All the unique features of the new models do not describe in a few lines.

His safety to the best traditions of Swedish industries – heat pump is equipped with reverse polarity protection, power, current sensors and soft start. Heat Pump equipped with an additional (free) electric boilers. Agree, fantastic news! Electric boiler to create a bivalent heating system: You can use it as an emergency option, optional heat source or as a way dogret temperature in very cold days. Useful feature! But that's not all! Heat pump operating noise level is comparable with the noise F1145 refrigerator, and much quieter than a gas boiler. And of course the same heat pump does not pollute the environment, and reduces heating costs by 80% within 25 years. For further information please contact: Company "Heat Pumps", tel. (+38 044) 229 55 69

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