Hardly Computer

December 21, 2015

What to do with older PCs that no longer meet professional requirements? Bad Homburg/Germany, October 12, 2011. What to do with older PCs that no longer meet professional requirements? Clarity, one of the leading German manufacturers of software-based telecommunications solutions with offices in Europe and Asia has found the best solution: you will be refurbished for schools in Africa donated. For Christoph Pfeiffer, CEO of clarity AG in the Hessian Bad Homburg, is it a useful way: after four or five years, our computers are again performing for our needs. But instead of just mindlessly to scrap them, we donate rather regularly to those who desperately need it.” Second life partner”of the clarity computer is the non-profit non-governmental organisation South cluster”. A bigger load on computers and monitors in the value of over 20,000 South cluster at the Bad Homburg was recently back on October 4, 2011 Picked up software company. South cluster has set itself the goal, secondary schools in Africa by the year 2015 with 40,000 used to equip but fully deployable computers. Because the access to the information technology is a key factor in the formation, growth, and poverty reduction in Africa.

In most African schools, computer rooms, but are a rarity. A good education is a component of the economic development of Africa. The computers of clarity meet same purpose such as new computer for some tens of thousands euros in schools in Africa. First, we develop innovative software on our computers for the telecommunications, then learn African boys and girls with them for a good education. So our used PCs are not waste, but a foundation for a better future in Africa”, Christoph Pfeiffer is pleased. Africa is a particular focus of the ICT4D”(information and communication technologies for development) of the United Nations. The United Nations want the digital divide with special programs reduce between the developed nations and Africa.

Here, information and communication technologies are engines for the advancement in education and the economy. This progress starts at the very beginning: with computers for African students. The clarity AG international clarity AG, headquartered in bad acting Homburg is an award-winning provider of software-based voice communication solutions for the call center and business telephony. Of multi-functional telephone systems up to cross-premises call modular clarity’s solutions ease, flexibility, scalability, and availability Center systems and platforms for voice dialogue.

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