GIF Traffic

June 30, 2013

Avoid posting your banner on pages with many other banners and analyzes the results to see if it’s worth a future investment. Animated GIF banners are easier to capture attention to banners without moving (static), besides which are almost standard tax since the static have very little effectiveness in the middle. Link of interest: just register and you can automatically create banners, it’s free! 4. Exchange links. Exchanging links is another popular and free way to get visits (traffic) online. You can exchange links with sites related to your product and ensure a flow of target audience, the concept is simple you send me traffic, I will send you traffic.

Even that this modality of web marketing do not secure you large amounts of traffic can help in the positioning of your site in search engines since some search engines like google measure his popularity taking into account their external to your website link. Search engines evaluate the quality of the links for example, if you have a web of business nothing will serve you have a link to a web site of medicine, remember, you must exchange link exclusively with websites related to your business and good amounts of traffic. Link of interest: Link Popularity: free service that lets you know how many sites they there are links to our website. Traffic Rankings from ALEXA (Traffic Rankings) this is a very complete software allows to measure the traffic, statistics, related link, and contact information for each web site. 5 e-mail marketing. It is the method of promotion more cash from online marketing, is characterized by its low cost and speed in delivery. E-mail marketing is loved and hated by many. See how to attract customers using this technique: 1.-via direct marketing campaigns: many companies into a desperate journey by get traffic (these people are unaware of online marketing techniques) lean toward renting CDs with millions of e-mail, incurring spam, sending lots of emails with advertising to a long list that has not requested information.

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