Garage Door Repairs

April 15, 2014

Repair barriers (national circumstances). Repair of garage doors. For a long time, repairing automated equipment (automatic gates, barriers), I made some interesting observations, which have the ability and share with readers. Generally, all gate automation and shlagbaumnaya exists as to separate from the main equipment of the company: she paid attention to no more than a bench near the entrance. The funny thing is when automatic barrier automatic gate or stop working.

There are clever people – usually a staff lounging Institute – a valiant cry: 'I ran the satellites that I need this stupid piece of iron! " Climb into the equipment. It usually ends with a call to a specialist and ordering a new automation. In this case it appears that the so-called 'Kulibin' do not realize the difference between feeding and control circuits. However, the work of the Research Institute has imparted his knowledge Electrical equipment, electric shocks and therefore they tend to not get what can be said about the second category of 'folk art' – the security chiefs, senior and other shifts of guards. Applying 'Soldiers' smart', they can ponadelat such as' improved ', which not only repairs but also the replacement of equipment is not always possible. For the repair of such automation is necessary to remember two medical rules: 'Do no harm' and 'Prevention is always better than cure'. You must know that for the normal operation of foreign automation needs a stable power supply, and the absence of noise in the circuit. For example, the inclusion of electric device can cause malfunction of the control units and radio. Another mistake – the use of uncertified arrows automatic gates, you need to know that their weight and size of the balanced and weighted engineers the manufacturer. So you want to finish with words from a children's song (/ f 'The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood'): 'Better yet, do what you do a master! "

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