Free Anti Virus Software

January 7, 2015

Free scanner compared the Internet offers numerous free scanner for free download. These include, for example, Avira AntiVir and the Panda cloud antivirus. But are these as well as paid antivirus programs? The news portal reported testing of the computer magazine c’t. The editors of the magazine analyzed seven free virus scanner. More closely scrutinized the avast free antivirus, AVG Anti-virus free Edition, Avira AntiVir, Comodo’s antivirus free, Microsoft Security Essentials, were the Panda cloud antivirus and the rising antivirus 2010 there were already during the installation of the programs differences. While most could not be established fairly quickly on the computers, proved to work with rising anti-virus as problematic. The installation difficulties were due not least serious barriers.

With regard to usability, there are large differences between the various programmes. The top grade very good”could be awarded only for the Panda. The technique of the Avira AntiVir and Comodo scanner section significantly worse. With the exception of avast and Panda, all tested virus scanners have a fundamental problem. The update interval is approximately 24 hours. In the worst case, this means that the scanner over a period of a day and a night not maintain the necessary virus protection. Consumers who are not regularly online, must enable even beyond partial update functions in. Ultimately, the editors but came to the conclusion that some of the scanners certainly can compete with paid programs, apart from various defects. Especially emphasised the Panda cloud antivirus, Avira AntiVir, Microsoft’s security essentials and the avast scanner. More information: ../das-taugen-die-gratis-programme/1/ GmbH Lisa Neumann

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