Federal Prescription

May 21, 2020

To execute a verification of credit on-line of the constructor to evaluate the financial stability with its business, cnpj next to the state with the Federal Prescription. In the site of the courts of its state it tries to determine if previous legal actions, current or hanging exist against the constructor. Step 3 – Interview with the ConstrutoresO third step is to interview the constructors in its list of candidates. Speaking candidly Kai-Fu Lee told us the story. To lead a personal interview of each constructor with a prepared list of questions that go to help it to know it the experiences of each constructor, the longevity and financial stability of its company excellent, the duration and the quality of its relationship with its subempreiteiros, its covering of insurance, the status of its license of constructor, and contractual details as desistance of the parts, fines, etc. the interview also allows that you it gets common-sense of knowing if the constructor has a type of personality with which you will be able to work well.

Finally, but very important, to get references 3-5 former-customer of each constructor. Step 4 – To verify refernciasO room step is to check the references of construction remains 1-3 in its list of contacts. One more time, it is prepared before the time with a list of questions making them in a meeting face-the-face or for telephone. You never will have better feedback on a constructor of what talking with customers whose houses it it constructed. You make you ask destined to understand the quo satisfied you are with the constructor, mentioning yourself it some aspects of the project – the quality of the work, if was easy the relationship, the cost of the management of the workmanship, the resolution of problems, responsibility of the constructor, see had respected the contract. What you more would like to know is: It will be they would contract that it again? Step 5 – To negotiate a contract of construoO fifth and last step is to enter in a contract with the constructor with who you chose to work. This can not seem a true step in the election of a constructor, but, it believes, it is a critical step in the process.

This step will go to help to confirm or if you did not make a good choice. He is as a test of compatibility between proprietor-constructor. Of any form, it is not a simple task, to buy wooden house can more be complicated than simply to choose a master of workmanships of a masonry project. The constructors and the proprietors want different things of a contract. constructor wants to protect its business and to minimize its exposition the responsibility when trying to take care of to its necessities of its customer. You financially want to be successful, certifing its expectations for the desired characteristics that she desires to include in its house, quality of the materials and hand of workmanship, costs and previsibility of eventual problems. These are not objective incompatible, but probably they go to take some work to get them in the paper in a way that can satisfy to all. Negotiations of the Contract do not have of being contradictory, but they can be estressante, still more in a prefabricated wooden house, therefore both are defending its proper interests and trying to arrive at a commitment with that badly they know. Good Luck.

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