Fashion Design

March 17, 2014

Fashion Design, shoes and accessories What can be the subject for the design? The object of design can be almost any new technology, industrial product (kit ensemble, the complex system) in any sphere of human activity, where socio-cultural, due to human communication. Any absolutely anyone in our society is facing with the design of everyday every second of my life. We're just so used to it, which sometimes do not notice it. Let's argue. You wake up, go brush your teeth the way from the bed to the toilet you just walked through the apartment or number, you are faced with a lot of things, the work of designers. Mirrors, tables, Cabinets, yes, even your own bed.

Going to the bathroom, you take the hand of a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste with even thinking about what that same brush designers have done and done very well to say once you have chosen it in shop. It fits comfortably in your hand, you like the color. How do they see this brush designers themselves? I must say this over your toothbrush or popotelo few good designers. It would seem obvious, but the designers should task is to make the brush is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also to ensure that this brush was worth as little money and be profitable manufacturer. The most expensive of the toothbrush bristles is, if you notice now on brushes do not as many bristles as before. In places it is replaced by gum, that is not only much cheaper but more original look. Thus, designers have killed two birds. Saved and added to the bristle brush unusual.

How can designers make these original decisions? All is as simple as it is difficult. These decisions can only come one. We should not only be able to really analyze rationally. But think apart from the around the world, we must not think that the brush should look like exactly what we used to see her.

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