Fair Political System

July 18, 2019

Two thousand years ago Thrasymachus and Callicles arguing about what might be a fair political system. Both agreed on one thing: that would recognize and preserve the original inequality among men. The discrepancy Thrasymachus assumed that such preservation of inequality could be in any form government, while Callicles that this would only be possible through tyranny. As is known, broke in Plato, who said that justice is equality, and that achievement should practice the virtue that is to lead a virtuous life. Therefore, the objective of politicians is not confined to his ambition of power or “pleonexia.” Transcended his lust for power plagued by violence and injustice, for, as Socrates preached achieve perfection of citizens in proper measure or proportion. Power was “a well-Plato dixit, accounting for the order which tended to make real what is considered Is this right way? You can never analyze power in the abstract and it is clear that it is always exercised by a group of society, and very difficult to store the common good but, better responds to the good of the group that holds. You might at first appear, yes, as something above sectional interests but will once said that far from being well. The mighty or the powerful in power act in a way, facing the rest of society and to maintain that power, objectively must have a covert or overt coercion and a “especially today, one of the main sustentoa will legitimizing discourse.

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