Electronic Railway Tickets

January 17, 2017

On electronic railway tickets. Passengers know what the common rail tickets, but the concept of electronic tickets Well, for many still a novelty. Let's try a little about what is e-ticket and what are their advantages over paper tickets. So, it's – w / e tickets purchased over the Internet without leaving your home, without standing in lines. To buy the e-ticket – need only a computer with access to Internet and bank card, or money on an electronic wallet from which you can also pay for the ticket. E-ticket buying service launched recently, but already gaining in popularity. Starting from April 21, 2008, passengers were able to begin to make out train tickets by e-order form or order number, which consists of 14 digits in all offices Railways, as well as at reception of e-tickets "Universal Financial System" (UFS). Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach.

According to statistics, in 2007, has sold over 160 000 electronic w / tickets. Railways with UFS and "Transport Clearing House" drafted SPZHD – "System reservation and sale of rail travel documents. " This project aims to provide comprehensive and Bole mass accessibility to services Railways passengers and increase the total number of outlets w / tickets. Railways and UFS conducted an experiment on the train "Youth", on the route Moscow-St Petersburg-Moscow, where e-tickets on the train were recorded directly on the train, but not at the box office or reception area. So, as you can see, this type of service developing and seeking new forms. It should be noted that the introduction of electronic tickets these days is booming.

This happens because of following clear advantages of such tickets: 1) The increasing demand for intermodal transportation and transportation by rail – one of the necessary stages of such operations. 2) There is no need to go to the railway station ticket office or agency, you just have access to the Internet. 3) Do not stand in queues for tickets. 4) You can print a copy of the e-ticket, upon payment, to verify the data entered passenger. Also, a copy of the ticket is sent to the email address specified by the passenger. This copy is the voucher that confirms a passenger's right to travel and the right to receive the original ticket. If the passenger is not possible to print a copy of the ticket, then we can rewrite the number and information about the trip with a ticket, which then, at a special registration desk, along with the document to show an ID – to retrieve the original ticket. 5) The original train ticket can be obtained from any time, for example, before boarding the train at the station ticket offices or on the Railways special registration desks. 6) This e-tickets can not be stolen, it can not be lost, damaged or forgotten at home. 7) How can choose: departure time, route, day of departure of the train, the class of car, place – one of those tickets that are available for sale at the moment of choice. Before you issue a ticket – to see the schedule trains, passengers are required. 8) When you buy an electronic ticket using modern computer technology, information security. We introduce a passenger and passport details of the bank card details – then passenger receives a confirmation that he bought a ticket. Buy tickets electronically – quickly, comfortably, safely. Pay for electronic railway tickets through the bank card payment systems of the world: Mastercard, Visa, and through the payment system a Yandex. Money. and WeBMoney. Making e-tickets for a particular train may occur no earlier than two hours before train departure.

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