Backup Strategies

January 6, 2015

secumem whitepaper published Munich, November 17, 2009 – the secumem GmbH, data backup – consulting company and manufacturer of accident-protected disk compares the current white paper the usual storage options. Weaknesses of each system are shown and optimization suggestions, as well as new solutions. Because the smooth backup, as know any entrepreneurs, is a topic of vital. Not only the legislature the smooth continuation of the company in data loss requires that company data are kept secure. Properly functioning devices are only one of many factors. Processes, such as the caption from the backup to the storage and retrieval must be correctly installed.

The theme is practical and easy to understand manner. Many examples Datensicherungsverantwortlichen facilitate the proper implementation of the requirements. Keep Datensicherungsverantwortliche the overview, what requirements must they meet, a checklist is the 8-page white paper Backup strategy for SMEs”at. So, Datensicherungsverantwortliche can be sure to have forgotten any important points. White paper, see in the download area.

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