About The Business

August 31, 2014

C every day business in Russia is gaining its momentum with each passing day more and more difficult “squeeze” in its ranks, but even more so hold on to them and to find its niche. Large organizations spend a fabulous money to grow their companies and promotion of goods, thus “cutting off the oxygen” to smaller organizations. They sit at the top and vryatli want to move aside and give someone else’s place. Compete with organizations such useless and take up lower place is not profitable. Of course, I do not characterize all of the business, naturally there is no niche in which you can still climb, but, nevertheless, it is very difficult. According to statistics, 90% of business starts in the Russian spaces in the first year will cease to exist and only 10% after several years in his position, which from time to time starts to bring long-awaited profits. Statistics are not encouraging, but it is as they say are stubborn things.

What should I do? All my life I humped my uncle? But what about the independence and freedom? There is thoughtful and decide for ourselves: whether it is necessary to me? After all of the above against me, the chances of success are not great. On the other hand still has a people have become successful and independent and it is a fact. Here, everyone decides for himself, makes his choice. My opinion is: work for others, I always have time and try to start a business and become independent and successful at least once is worth it. I I want to share their example of business organization. This activity does not require large capital investment and little effort, in addition, he is still competitive and will remain it for a long time. In this case, we is a legitimate and lawful business, this is not extortion, fraud or other illegal business activities.

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