The French Revolution

May 3, 2015

The Romans, more tolerant, adopted to the deficient ones to show them in sumptuous festividades. The Christianity faced them with mercy and compassion. In full Average Age, the deficient ones however were faced as ‘ ‘ children of Deus’ ‘ or as ‘ ‘ silly of the Corte’ ‘ , however they were pursued, lapidated for being carrying of demonic possesses. In the Reformation, the recklessness was marcante. Lutero and Calvino mention the deficient ones to it as possessed individuals for the Satan.

The perspective of the deficiency always walked on the supernatural, demonic and superstitious beliefs. Effectively, in century XVII only it is that the religious organizations of Are Vicente de Pablo and of the Sisters of Charity they initiate the assistance to the deficient ones. The French Revolution was a new period where the philosophical and antropolgicas attitudes if had conjugated in a perspective more humanist of the deficiency. It is, however, in century XIX, that initiate the first scientific studies of the deficiency, more inclined for the mental deficiency of what for other deficiencies. Many scholars had detached at this time, between them: Esquiro and Sguin. In Brazil, in the last few decades, considerable advances regarding the exercise of rights to the carrier of special necessities are registered. The evolution of the Special Education in Brazil is marked by two periods: of 1854 the 1956 with isolated official and particular initiatives and of 1957 the 1993 with official initiatives nationwide.

In the period of 1854 the 1956, special the pertaining to school attendance had its beginning. It was in the year of 1954 that the first step was taken by D. Peter II with the foundation of the Imperial Institute of the Blind Boys. No longer Republican Government (1890) had the change of name for National Institute of the Blind people.

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