Pretty Rock

May 15, 2017

It is a movement that translates a inconformidade with the situation effective politics and an expectation of salvation, despite miraculosa, through the resurrection of illustrious one deceased. It arrives at Brazil, mainly at the Brazilian Northeast, in century XIX. Joining religious fanatism with socialist ideas, the movement if redescobriu in the hinterland northeastern, assuming characteristic […]

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Eric Schollhammer Predictive

August 2, 2015

In the delay-medieval Christian world is about the apoftica function of the theological language, the negative way (Cf. LICHTENSTEIN, 2004). occurs to also think about ampler system of representation that it desires to protect against the profane sacred o said for the interruption of the access to the logic narrative and for the prohibition or […]

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Film Narrative Strategies

January 4, 2015

The Bible for Oscar, bear and lion. The favorite book of creators and authors commercials with dramatic stories celebrate successes at film festivals and triumphs in the Internet to participate. Commercials and virals that work, tell a dramatic story. Good stories sell. No doubt, but a crusade for the better commercials. Back to beginning. But […]

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Reading process

August 27, 2012

It is necessary to provoke the encantamento for the reading process and to diminish the time of contact of the children with the book. The contact with the written text is a magical experience. In the measure where the being finds the direction of that text, such magician if carries through. The brightness of the […]

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Teaching Identity

June 25, 2012

In the construction of the identity of the professor, in the different levels and modalities of education, associating theory and practical professor. Another aspect is the courses of formadores for basic education, and the programs of continued education. finally, to examine questions that involve the preparation of professors in superior educate. Then the professor always […]

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