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April 21, 2018

Zencart is a solution for e-commerce, open source and free, that integrates many of the improvements that missed missing in OsCommerce. The security bugs that the father of e-commerce applications presented have been corrected with patches. In terms of its operation is very similar to its predecessor. This software is based on OsCommerce and developed in PHP and MySQL. It offers new features and more modules and templates that give a modern and fresh air. ZenCart has substantially improved the problems of logging which featured OsCommerce. Installation, creation and design of the online shop turns into a more friendly experience thanks to the functionality step by step installation that is ensuring the correct configuration of the program. It is developed in PHP and MySQL (Criacao websites) (Desenvolvimento websites).

The changes made to improve the implementation of reference include a long list of new features. By default the program is delivered in English. The aspect the screens and the Control Panel is more modern while browsing through the sub-menus still being a bit heavy. ZenCart allows to organize online store products in multiple categories, grouping them by a good amount of attributes and show them pictures of different sizes, as well as establish a price for a particular group of products. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. Provides permissions for navigation by shop restriction or authorized users online users who see the web as a showcase or product catalogue, excluding prices. Searchable of products based on key words thanks to the meta tags configurable from the Admin Panel. Thus, a product can be found by different labels. It includes notices of availability of updates with the login.

It counts with an estimate of shipping costs and the possibility of activating banners within the online store so that customers do not have to leave the website (web hosting). From your administrator Panel, you can know who are connected to the online store, configure multiple languages and currencies, and set different rates and taxes. You can include the price of each product or label the client will ask for information on the price of the same. Appearance templates can be customized by varying the sizes of the boxes and columns. I leave here an Installation Manual created by the University of La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the only document in Spanish about ZenCart I’ve found well-crafted. The latest stable version of ZenCart is the 1.5 December 2011. Parallel to the advent of ZenCart arises CRE Loaded, another program also based on OsCommerce, but payment, which collects all the experience of this, but with significant improvements in their capabilities. Any of the two applications represents a clear alternative to the program parent. It is robust, powerful and scalable. ZenCart and CRE Loaded allows the design of small, medium and large online shop but the latter is It presents more complete.

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