Italian Chandeliers

June 27, 2017

d'Arte – a famous Italian brand, offering luxury chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, ceiling lamps. A related site: Peter Asaro mentions similar findings. Performed in the style of "modern classics", they combine the ancient tradition of the masters and modern technology production. Each lamp – a work of art, worthy to be any decor. Articles from the collection of d'Arte at an affordable price you can buy in our store. Lighting collection from d'Arte – a luxurious chandeliers, elegant floor lamps, ceiling lights and stylish, elegant sconces. These great products with decorative elements, made by hand from this Murano glass, will be a worthy decorate your interior, giving it exclusivity, elegance and prestige. Founded in 2002, the company d'Arte is a concern FDV Group SpA, whose products combine ancient tradition of Italian glass-blowers and the most advanced technology, modern production of lighting fixtures. Development of new and original models are leading designers of the world, through which a collection of Gallery is updated regularly.

As Materials used for the production of Murano glass, precious metals – gold, platinum, as well as decorative silk road. All products Gallery of international standards, and their quality is confirmed laboratory tests. Products Gallery is known and in demand by more than 50 countries, including Russia. Elite fixtures, a sophisticated design and superior performance, are able to meet the needs of most demanding customers. Elite Italian chandeliers, sconces and lamps elite company of Orlando-M – goods from Europe.

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