Economic System

October 15, 2018

The religion Catholic also mined the escravista economic system of the time, therefore it nailed release of the slaves, on the other hand to the barbarous invasions inside generated the problem of the division of the territory, aggravated for the occurred population increase of the proper Roman domnios (PILETTI and ARRUDA, 1994, P. 84). To understand and problem territorial I have that to explain that it was having a subdivision of the large states, what it generated a high cost for the maintenance of slaves, but coming back the question of the religion, with the ruralizao 1 of the Europe Occidental person; the men had started to have a relation more summon with the religion, that started to control the life and the death of all the individuals, starting with the baptism and finishing with the burial in the Churches. Being History a process of incessant alteration, the societies if modify as the economic necessities, politics and religious we see that after years of religious domination, of the feudal society, the reasons are several that had led to the deterioration of the religious power. The occured commercial expansion in the end of the Age Average entered in shock with the rules of the Church Catholic; according to Max Weber in its workmanship ' ' Protestant ethics and the Spirit of the Capitalismo' ' , this author saw in religion one of the factors that had collaborated for the development of the capitalism, but clarifying, another thinker criticized for Weber; it only saw the religion as a part of the superstructure of the society, for Karl Marx, the economy was what it determined the religious behavior, as uses workmanship ' ' Alem&#039 ideology; '. 3. DIVISION OF the CHURCH However the religious question was important for the development of the capitalism or the capitalism modified the religious rules believes that the second option is made right; I explain the reason of this, before, or better, during the domination of the Church Catholic in ocidente and part of the east, questions as the profit, monetary accumulation, that is I accumulate, it of capital was considered a sin. .

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