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May 11, 2018

The inauguration of the new building of Church of Scientology celebrated the new Scientology buildings with more than 6,400 square meters provides an introduction to the Dianetics and Scientology all inhabitants of the region of Portland on May 11 about 2,500 Scientologists and guests Church of Portland. Dignitaries of the town and of the State of Oregon praised the Church for the dedicated work in the city and around the world. Since 11 may 2013, the Scientology Church of Portland has a new home. The new building at the intersection of third Avenue and Oak Street in Portland’s historic centre, with more than 6,400 square meters, was originally built in 1893. Due to the outstanding and recognized Sullivanesquen architecture in Oregon listed this building for a long time already.

The old building was restored by the Scientology Church International exemplary in recent months. In addition, all seven floors were earthquake-proof reinforced preserve the building also still well into the next century. A completely new facility followed the restoration According to founder L. Ron Hubbard, to ensure that all religious services available are the fast-growing municipality of Scientology. In addition, it aims in the future also as a meeting place for members of other religions. The Scientology Church Portland aims to support the entire region and to give spiritual life coaching. Portland is a very historic city for the Scientology Church. In 1985, thousands of Scientologists took 60 days and members of other religions also from Germany – protests, concerts and peace marches for freedom of religion.

The Scientology church affiliated reached a groundbreaking legal victory in America. The religious head of the Scientology religion, David Miscavige, inaugurated the new building. In his speech, he entered specifically to the events in 1985 and declared, the Portland for decisiveness, steadfastness and determination”would be, then a massive attack on the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States to avert.

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