Unhealthy Habits

December 8, 2014

The effectiveness of information technology in business, communications, life, entertainment is so obvious that sometimes there is a desire to forget about the negative impacts, which have it in the health and lifestyle modern man. Meanwhile, forget about the negative factors just not worth it. Have already created several comic character of the average it worker – a weedy man with the back wheel and glasses. This image may be supplemented, and perhaps not the brightest colors. Problems associated with the "IT revolution", a number of factors. Studies show that pc users are at risk to acquire disease which now rank as a professional.

Long-term sitting at the computer leads to sustained stress the neck muscles of the head, arms and shoulders, and as a consequence, an excessive load on the spine, and disease osteochondrosis, and the children – scoliosis. A kind of thermal pad, which is formed between the seat and the body in case of prolonged sitting, leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvis, and the consequences – prostatitis, and hemorrhoids, unpleasant disease to treat that nobody likes. Sedentary lifestyle, which is particularly keen to resort operators, programmers, gamers, cyber-teens and have fun with the help of it Housewives often leads to obesity. Eye disease may be triggered by the negative influence coming from the monitor. Our eyes register the screen flicker, the finest vibration image. Overvoltage eye leads to loss of visual acuity.

Many of us are aware of the weakness and numbness in the joints and hands, which arise as a result of prolonged operation of your computer. If this effect becomes persistent, it can further be chronic and cause damage to the joints and ligaments of the brush. These and other health problems, triggered by continuous activities associated with the development of information technologies, lead to the fact that Some countries, like Germany, working with a personal computer assigned to the number of unhealthy and dangerous professions. A lifestyle that is the usual figure of it, whether at home or at work can be described as not without an unhealthy effects of bad habits. We should not forget about the psychological factors. The fact that the activities in the field of information technology is very intense and requires a significant mental and emotional effort. As a result of such activity occurs algorithmization thinking. Computer games are making alarming and dangerous effect – the detachment from reality, psychological formation. Kaif received during the period game pops up and after it, and serves as a benchmark of happiness. In the long absence of these sensations appear withdrawal, except abstinence, which does not add to happiness. In the audiovisual medium psychic senses voltage, since have to build multiple visual images from the unreal components. To some extent this is useful for mental health. But overreliance on computer games is bad for the psyche and can cause psychological dependence. Thus, the development of information technology leads to radical changes in our lifestyles, and their widespread use, and significant efficacy in various areas of life person left no doubt on his account. Still, in terms of information technology we need to avoid harmful effects of such development on human health, his mental condition and his lifestyle.

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