March 23, 2017

The man was tresloucado. He said emlnguas of fire sparking in the road and bandos of animals silvestresatravessando the track. He alleges to have certainty of that he passed superficially delessem to want, but when he was to see did not have nothing. With very Toninhoconseguiu cost the key of the truck better to maneuver it and to allow nossapassagem. In this meantime, inside of the taxi, the man of the valise locks up the linking, smiles for me and Celso saying: – My name is Dorian and extended the hand stops complimenting in them.

– You are Brazilian? He was not enough to load a indescritvel agony since the turn of the year, I dreamed has little with people who I am unaware of even so me they seemed assaz familiar. It blows> the fact to be loading the cellular one. I mechanically repeat the cantilena of the eve: I will as soon as arrive to go down of the bus. Of the center until the beginning of the Joo Days it is a raid by horseback and in such a way – we are speaking in about 10 kilometers of concrete. How much to the cellular one, it can seem eccentric, but with the assaults to the passengers of the public transport, in these displacements I prefer to leave it in house, and thus to give a better destination for the device. When it touched, the sensation to be participating of a dream if it made gift.

Without counting the pause despropositada of Claude, who finally said: you do not go to believe, during the dawn you heard the Neco barking without stopping. I was scared, was the same bark. I was to confer and it was in the yard, abanando the linking was interrupted.

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