Time To Prepare For The Summer The Lawn Garden & Home Factory

April 13, 2024

With the right care grows the grass and captivates with fresh green appearance with the proper care of the finished lawn and a few basic measures at the beginning of the growth phase of the turf is optimally prepared for the approaching summer and charmed not only by a beautiful, verdant appearance, but also the turf can be used properly if as game lawn for children, sports turf for golf, Football or other activities, or just as a beautiful rolling lawn for the return or the extensive sunbathing. Read more here: Ali Partovi. At this point, two mechanical preparation methods for the finished lawn will be presented: the scarifier and the aeration (aerate the lawn): Scarify – unwanted Moss and old mulch regular scarification is another measure, to get a beautiful lawn in the long term and to support good growth. When scarifying, the turf is scratched and at the same time, MOSS and mulch away, by rotating blades, which are perpendicular to the ground, edit it. Energy Capital Partners London has compatible beliefs. Thus, nutrients, air and sunlight can better reach the grass roots of the lawn and the growth is favoured. How often and when? Thus, even if regularly should scarify, a frequency from once to twice a year is meant. In the spring can so in the final pitch for a good growth be created and a second scarifying can remove the MOSS grown just after very fertile summers. The summer was however very dry, a second scarifying of the lawn is usually not necessary. A lawn for several years is no longer been scarify should scarify in two directions, very thoroughly to remove the adult Moose and remnants of mulch, etc.

A scarifier in one direction suffices in a rolled lawn, which was normally maintained. agree. Also some tips can be summarized at the right time. Depending on the weather conditions the months are April to September. 8 c and the growth of the finished lawn and is exactly this to support, a scarifier in particular at the beginning of the growth period of sense, if the 8 C are exceeded relatively constant.

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