February 2, 2024

The Asturian ensures that its great intention is to finish among the top three. However, with his second position in Grill, you can fight for victory. He was very satisfied with the performance of the Ferrari, the best this season. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), that this Sunday will be second in the Grand Prize […]

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Australian Casey Stoner

January 9, 2024

The Australian Casey Stoner has set the pace in first free practice for the Grand Prix of United States, which will be held on Sunday. Valentino Rossi had to settle for the ninth square. The Australian Casey Stoner (Honda RC 212 V) has set the pace in first free practice for the Grand Prize of […]

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Mercedes: Persistence In Virtue

December 31, 2023

Although it continues to be a topic, few brands can boast of going build on its position as with Mercedes. Sean Mercedes SUVs, vans or vehicles belonging to the Mercedes A class, no doubt its mere mention is sufficient to convey concepts such as reliability, comfort, safety and also, why not, luxury or exclusivity. Although […]

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South Central

December 28, 2023

Another escaped and is being sought by security forces. They were discovered by the owners of the vehicle. The arrest occurred in the region of the Dordogne. French police have arrested Wednesday night in the region Dordogne (France South Central) an alleged member of the terrorist group ETA, while another would have managed to flee. […]

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Inigo Martinez

September 7, 2017

Two shots shy of Barral and Eguren were unique rojiblancos attempts while little by little the Real Socieadad was approaching danger with admitted mainly by its right wing. In one of the few balls stolen by the Middle field sportinguista Barral walked upright, and after strive with Inigo Martinez for the ball, the rojiblanco fell […]

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Microsoft System

February 2, 2016

The system is more graphic. It presents more information thanks to Metro. Content and applications are presented in boxes We offer at a glance application information. Interaction with these tables is done with a single touch, in the style of touch devices. Thanks to a fast, fluid browsing using Internet Explorer 10 touches experience, sites […]

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