Appropriateness Of Resource Prices In The PKV

February 20, 2024

or why the PKV reimbursed less than the physiotherapist settles I had already written so also the billing approach services last year about the invoicing for remedies. As a general rule: there is no single, lump-sum solution. The respective insurer within the framework of the tariff conditions and any further plants to this regulates the […]

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The Amount Of The Sum Of Insured In The Homeowners Insurance

January 8, 2024

Homeowners find relevant information regarding residential buildings insurance at In addition, the insurance portal offers a product-neutral residential insurance comparison. Owners of homes facing high costs, if a building is damaged or destroyed. A homeowners insurance covers these risks. But if the building was wrong, there may be limitations paid. Prior to the conclusion […]

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Private Disability Insurance

December 30, 2023

General disability pension is enough to safeguard the living standards in the case of disability, not from private BUV required the legislator of 2001 for far-reaching change existing rules to the disability had been with the law on the reform of pensions due to reduced earning capacity. Especially the de facto abolition of statutory occupational […]

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Disability Insurance

December 24, 2023

Correct answer of the health questions is mandatory in occupational disability insurance usually extensive health issues to doctor visits and illnesses the last five to ten years must be answered. The correct answer of the application questions is of enormous importance: who tamper or recklessly fails crucial information, threatens his insurance protection over the years. […]

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Fixed Deposit Account

November 6, 2023

You would like to deposit his money safely, there are several ways available. If it has saved money, then to the question arises, as it conceded sure high interest rates and let the money work. A good way to secure investment is a fixed deposit account. There are more alternatives like a tag account or […]

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