The Hackers

October 23, 2019

Contrary to what happens with hackers and phone freaks, tele-pirating requires no special skills. Anyone with a computer with a modem and some software has the necessary elements to enter the world of tele-pirating. Because tele-pirating requires no special knowledge, the role of the pirate does not inspire any kind of admiration and prestige in the underworld informatics. (One possible exception is those who are able to remove the protection of commercial software.) While hackers and phone freaks of computer probably will not disapprove of piracy, and no doubt participate individually in any way, are less active (or less visible ) in the BBS that are dedicated to the tele-pirating. They tend to avoid because most of the lack tele-pirating special computer knowledge, and therefore are known to abuse over the telephone network to get the latest game show. A hacker maintains the theory that these pirates are to blame for the majority of credit card fraud telephone. (Source: Michael Dell). “The media claim that hackers are solely responsible for the losses of large telecommunications companies and long distance services.

This is not the case. Hackers represent only a small portion of these losses. The rest is caused by “pirates and thieves who sell these codes on the street. “Another hacker says that the process of exchanging large commercial software modem usually takes several hours, and are these calls, and not doing the” telecom enthusiasts, which phone companies concerned. But regardless of the absence of special knowledge, by the fame of abusing the network, or for some other reason, seems to have some sort of division between the hackers / freaks and tele-pirating.

After having described the phone systems, when you make a free long distance call to load a game, is acting as a tele-pirate. In a way, this is purely a semantic argument. Whether you are a hacker as telepirata mislabeled, illegal access and unauthorized copies of commercial software will continue to occur.

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