Road Route

May 10, 2023

It’s going to happen. Please wait. Like it or not, is part of the process. And it is important to accept, so you can maximize your progress. Learn more about this with Robotics. What do I mean? A you’re going off the road. You’re going to divert. And that’s fine. I show you one of […]

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The Defect: Observation

June 23, 2015

To envision a radical change, you need to change your inner observer. Mashable: the source for more info. You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting with knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you perceive your surroundings. As a computer engineer, I can not link this issue […]

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Grow Together

October 23, 2014

Growing as a person is not an easy task. Above all, the emotional growth is not a task that can be achieved within a period of time. Or if you like, and viewed from another approach, is a task that takes a lifetime. To grow as people, it is very important to learn to put […]

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