Summer Tires

September 13, 2016

Choosing the right tires – is not such idle as it seems at first sight! Sooner or later, a similar problem faced by every motorist. The tire wore out or broke down, it's time to change winter tires for winter or Conversely, you are not satisfied with the current characteristics of tires, or you decide to put new rims. How to make the right choice, given the large number of brands, sizes, designs, indexes, etc. etc. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. In my conviction, to obtain efficient, impartial and technically competent advice from professionals in the tire market Ukraine is hard enough, because of their (professional) limited.

About how to choose the right bus itself, or at least to distinguish chaff from the grain management, dealing with the typical Uncle Vasya "guru of the tire market-bazaar" – in this article. Modern tires are one of the most technically complex products used in modern car. More than 40 components, and dozens of chemical elements, complex chemical processes and sophisticated testing system has created an entire industry, one of the most labor intensive. Above all, remember that all efforts, the torques created a middle class car for the road and back again passed through 4 of the contact points with a total area not more than 2 A4 sheets! In fact, the entire passenger car tire Industry, technology and marketing aimed at understanding the processes that occur at these contact points and their embodiment in the safe movement of your vehicle. Of course not forgetting the aesthetic side question – an efficient bus should look beautiful.

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