Setting Up a Computer

May 2, 2011

After reading this article, any user, even novice users are able to set up and prepare your computer to work. You bought a computer for yourself and think how to configure and use in the sequel to its pomoschnikom. system is one of several important programs of any personal kompyutera.Ee necessary to establish if it is not visible on nem.Samye installed os is: MacOS, Linux, and you Windows.Esli Maker on your computer, then begin the Windows oc, since it is the most popular among users. The installation process of Windows, in principle easy, but very responsible, so if in doubt, leave it deal masteru.Posle end of the installation of Windows, do the two users, assign of one administrator who can change the settings sistemy.Komu then maybe it will seem stupid, but you will soon realize that it is more convenient and much bezopasnee.S by the administrator you will begin to make all setting a personal computer. Make users install the os windose now proceed to install the drivers for the devices. Install the drivers for your sound card, video card, monitor, and t.p.Vse driver you find a computer, but suddenly the driver will not be with your computer, look at them online resource .V depending on what you do on your computer, you need to put appropriate programmy.Est programs that need to be sure to install the first thing you need to install it directly himself antivirus. You will also be useful office software for text, tables, and yet you .A want to listen to music, watch movies, then you need all sorts of audio – video pleery.Cherez that look and listen to audio video, you need to choose samim.Esche not forget about the audio – video codecs, to find their possible seti.Dlya view of the global network as well, at its discretion, use the program, Chrome, Mozilla, icq Opera.Programma a perfect place to communicate in a global network – Internet.

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