Proxim Wireless Corporation

October 27, 2014

Point-to-point wireless bridge Bundle for high data throughput in the unlicensed 60 GHZ range sysob extends portfolio: new QuickBridge 60250 of Proxim Wireless Schorndorf, February 29, 2008 the sysob IT distribution together with her partner Proxim Wireless Corporation the availability of new QuickBridge 60250 Announces. As a value added distributor authorities and service providers of the manufacturer of wireless solutions and developments offers the scalable wireless broadband technologies for enterprise solutions, sysob. With the new QuickBridge 60250 sysob expands its product range in the microwave on 54 Mbps in the outdoor area for the reseller channel. The efficiency of the new QB60250 is currently in the range of 57.05 GHZ 64 GHz (unlicensed area). With a range of up to 500 meters, so a net throughput is achieved up to 80 Mbps in both directions.

Proxim is the first manufacturer with a system available for this band. For this reason, \”in differences\” are currently not an issue. The QuickBridge 60250 is nearing approval by the Federal Network Agency. According to their information, the share for the 60 GHZ range for point to-point microwave applications in the first quarter is 2008 planned. With the QB60250 the channel receives an optimal solution to provide high data throughput for voice, video and data applications in the campus environment for its customers, and everywhere where building links are not possible or uneconomical by wiring.

In addition, a wireless connection of high-resolution video cameras can be done. Especially the point to point wireless solution of the QuickBridge 60250 is suitable, if large amounts of data easily, quickly and reliably are needed. Possible areas of application are also service providers, as well as the public security in addition to enterprise and campus networks. The advantages of the QB60250 at a glance: frequency band from 57.05 GHZ – 64 GHZghz 64 57,05 by > high throughput of 250 Mbps (125 Mbps bi-directional) by bi-directional) mbit (\”125 250 throughput > hop-in-A-box\” (this extremely easy-to-install) HOP-IN-A-BOX\”install) to just extremely (this > low noise influence interference > integrated IP interface – no configuration necessary necessary configuration of no interface ip > quick and easy can be easy and > extremely high link Availabilityavailability link high > power over Ethernet (PoE)(poe) ethernet over > easy status monitoring via HTML user interface and SNMPinterface and snmp user html via monitoring status > point-to-point complete package the QuickBridge is delivered complete package and includes in addition to the baseline and receiving station also a wall mount), Alignment brackets, PoE injectors, adjustment support and 2 x 50 meters Outdoorkabel, a special alignment binocular adjustment software.

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