Planet Earth

December 14, 2019

A way out, however, is. While the resource is not lost and we have reached a technological development is to such an extent that the human capacity enough to populate other planets, we must act! First likely to vyzhivalcheskoy diversification necessary to carry out resettlement. A crowd of people on only one planet – a big risk for humanity. According to the UN world population will exceed 7 billion in 2013-ohm, 8 billion in the 2028th, 9 billion in the 2054th, 10 billion in 2183, it was. Just a few decades we will have 10 billion people and so many people the Earth can not feed, and the likelihood of internal upheavals will increase many times … It’s time to start developing the new territories, and we need more time to carry out the task! What is the plan? First of all, the people of the world must realize that all the waiting, we must wake up to the wisdom of civilization – is an information stage, but at the same time, the stage of spiritual enlightenment. Governments of all countries on behalf of the people together at this stage to address the common task – to survive! They will initiate a new organizational structure that will work in benefit of saving people! Renounce war, weapons and other “excesses”, the released funds will head a new creation: technology of space exploration and development of methods for terraforming planets, creating transportation a new era.

All this will provide an opportunity for the next hundred years to master the most suitable planet for human settlement – Mars, which can be heated, water filled the seas, grow forests, resettlement of the animal world – Planet Earth takes people crowded. And having experience in development, we can begin terraforming other planets: large and their satellites. Do people want to move there? It all depends on new technologies, we must learn create paradise anywhere, under any circumstances. And there are several prerequisites: a man strong spirit of the traveler, conqueror of territories, great desire to discover the unknown, to conquer the great space! Now we is 6800000000 and power of collective intelligence is enough to solve all problems of mankind, namely, the main problem: long-term survival. For the sake of our descendants, we must cross a psychological threshold for routine and help others understand the need for faith in the future.

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