Outsourcing Services

November 13, 2012

Why is an it outsourcing? Almost any company can now complain that the cost of a full staff of it department began to too expensive. This is due to the fact that wages professionals in the it sector is growing, moreover, there is a clear shortage of personnel, which, in turn, also raises the level of salaries. It is believed that in the near future, Ukraine will face a serious shortage of personnel in the it sector, which can reach about 500 thousand people. If these forecasts are correct, then the benefit, of course, those companies that take advantage of it outsourcing services and are able to concentrate exclusively on the development of their profile areas, rather than wasting time and money to fight for your it department. Do not forget also that that information technology is constantly evolving and therefore time to time to achieve the desired level alone is not always possible. In this case, the company-outsourcer will be able to quickly and efficiently implement innovation and provide fast access to the latest technology. Also note that it outsourcing is indispensable if there is a need to do serious tasks in a short time. Thus, the use of it outsourcing allows the company to concentrate on core areas, to establish information systems, to solve the problem of shortage of skilled it professionals to reduce the risk of losing important data, reduce cost of providing the it department.

The company provider of outsourcing services is financially responsible for the quality of service provided, which guarantee a high level of services it provides. What can be outsourced at the moment there are three basic forms of it outsourcing. The first and most common form in Ukraine – a resource outsourcing (outsourcing of personnel). Using this form outsourcing client company uses outsourcing as a company on the selection of highly qualified personnel. In this case, the client company, using external resources, he governs them, and thus independently responsible for the result. it Service Provider, in turn, must provide the customer resources required level and the timely implementation of their replacement if necessary.

The second, slightly more complicated form Outsourcing is more efficient. The functional essence of outsourcing is that the company-outsourcer completely takes over the function passed to it by the customer. Naturally, the criteria for outsourcing work, including speed reactions to abnormal situations, the degree of participation in non-standard problems, etc., to specify in advance and are fixed in the contract. Due to the functional outsourcing company improves customer management its costs and quality of it services. The third, most complex, form of it outsourcing – a strategic outsourcing. It involves a complete transfer of control of it services company-outsourcer. As mentioned earlier, in our country's most popular is precisely the resource outsourcing, despite the fact that the functional outsourcing is more efficient. This may be due to the fact that companies are not willing to allocate the amount of time necessary for it to draw up a detailed work plan with the outsourcer. In addition, the leaders of many organizations are simply not ready to transfer some functions to another organization, fearing loss of control over the process or leak sensitive information. Because of these fears, leaders in many companies opt for outsourcing resource, although it is an order of magnitude more functional.

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