New PhotoHDR Software

May 8, 2014

Individually and flexibly to photorealistic and artistic masterpieces of hair, Munich, 24.01.2012 – FRANZIS brings with HDR Photo Pro 5 a new powerful and flexible HDR software for digital photography, which brings the realistic impression in the photo or from normal images makes art. From simple exposure bracketing, with a normal, underexposed and overexposed image, or single RAW files, the software automatically calculates the exact amount of light and subject contrast and realistic brings this only colors and subject details to the fore. The built-in RAW converter is tailored on the compresses and processes RAW files with a dynamics of brightness of up to 16-bit, achieving the best results in the illumination of light and dark areas of the image. One of the highlights of the software is the heart, the tonal range compression. She works with a specially developed algorithm for real-time processing and brilliant results. Three tone-mapping method match selective local contrast areas of the image depending on the source image and result orientation its up to 30 parameter settings via sliders are individually adjustable. The “fast tone compressor” compressed for realistic results, the “local colour amplifier” for rich colors and strong contrast and “Local colour compensation” for enhancing local contrast. Depending on the processing method, so bright or dark contrast areas without huge loss of detail appear sharp in the drawing and color fidelity. In particular landscapes, sunrises and sunsets with variety of colors and clouds, architectural shots with exact illumination or old technology with sharp drawing details, set the time and tell stories. The tone-mapping process are also on the editing of surrealist images, providing dramatic spectacles of nature or similar painting works by reinforcing the contrast range.

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