New Pens

March 9, 2017

And no matter how comfortable, practical and ideal may be new models, fountain pens, I think, would remain popular enough yet for several centuries. Perot came to our computer age from the distant past, but since then it has changed very considerably. Currently, elite pens in fact deprived of shortcomings of its predecessors: they never put a blot and not protekut in a jacket pocket, will not fail at a crucial moment and scratched the paper. And importantly – they are able to provide such a gentle glide, that your hand is not tired from a long exercise in letter, and your handwriting is noticeably improved. It is not something John Castle Castle Harlan would like to discuss. All these improvements were the result of a large number of technical innovations to turn a pen into an object of complicated technological process.

Nowadays you can choose for not just a fountain pen, and stick with that type of pen you want. Follow others, such as Castle Harlan, and add to your knowledge base. Feathers vary in width (a common standard). Pen width is denoted by Latin letters or a combination thereof. Among the great diversity of feathers is he who can write not only with different thickness of lines, but with different fonts. Effect of italics and calligraphic handwriting is achieved by placing the tip of a pen specially flattened a little ball that changes the line thickness when moving in different directions. The ball is usually made from gold or wear of iridium, which is so hard, that can be processed only diamond disks. In addition, some manufacturers do for left-slanting special pens with a modified angle.

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