Network Supports

December 9, 2014

Seems that the luck is getting Demetria Devonne Lovato, a famous hacker on the network side, who in a Conference said support to Demi Lovato and rejects attacks that they have been made both inside of Twitter as outside the Disney girl, Demi Lovato costarred the original Disney Channel series, Sonny with a Chance, also known as Sunny among stars. The famous Hackers Johan Manuel Mendez with 18 years of age told the Conference pirar you Ethical, that attack made to Demi Lovato is antietico and is not based on the ethics of a hacker a true hacker is one who helps resolve problems with knowledge and does not use their knowledge to generate them, the hacker responsible concern-based, in social equality as well as also in the freedom and passion that makes the difference between good and evil says: Mendez who also added to your account at Twitter @Johanmmendez the hacker, is wise to the hacker doesn’t cause problems, is ethics that are the things that make the difference said Mendez Lovato Who before suspending your account on Twitter @ddlovato received attacks my Twitter being hacked and I have no idea how fix it apologies to all you said Lovato as well as negative comments into a rehabilitation center to receive treatment to solve physical and emotional problems that had long-standing Demi, who also added minutes later on Twitter Ne Jugez pas was testing the access to your account and said the last tweet was the mine, talk real it is expected that in the coming months Lovato again, resume the social network where thousands of followers expect it, she had said that she was tired of Twitter, hopefully that Lovato returns back to Twitter hope that Demi Lovato’s comment on this support in cyberspace..

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