National University

December 1, 2013

THE origin violent of the CONTINENTS of SARAH SIMPSON this is a comment and review to the writing of Sarah Simpson who load again to confirm the origin of the continents as part of a process that had much that see the fall of asteroids in the juvenile stage of the Earth. Sarah begins to be based on four scenarios in the violent formation of the continents. Here is accurate that there was such an amount of collisions, which geologists have not been posted yet by the Arque. She also based not all rocks that fell on earth could have contained elements of destruction, some of them would have elements of life. As it grew, change as scientific debate today and in them the heretical idea that in some way asteroids have had much to do with the formation of the continents as a central idea that exposes Sarah. But it happened makes 3.5 million years ago during the archaic era when it began to blossom life, especially in small glimpses of oceanidad. Considering that this was be He formed the modernity of the continents and the consistency of the Earth’s crust.

Among the scientists who run through the study of ancient rocks this the Professor Andrew y. Glikson of National University of Canberra in Australia who is convinced the proposed hypothesis, putting as evidence the traces found in antique in South Africa and Western Australia caps, which had to use the simulation on impacts through a program on the computerwhich has been able to corroborate from the views obtained in all space probes of the forms taken by the Earth and its continents. The Earth’s crust has needed about 200 million years for their training and can not sink into plasma magma that is in the Earth. This crust is mostly composed of iron and to a lesser extent of granite rocks that nearly four million years ago have appeared.

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