Modern Construction Technologies

October 27, 2011

"ECOPAN" – one of Canada's modern technology frame-and-panel construction. This is a fundamentally new approach to rapidly constructed housing, which has a distinct advantage over other similar technologies, particularly evident in the Russian context. The advantage of this technology lies not only in reliability, visual appeal, ease of finishing and high-speed construction of buildings. The main advantage is the profitability of further exploitation of such housing, which is also a dominant issue in the government programs. Today, against a background of ever-increasing demands for environmental and energosberegaemosti housing more than 80% of all low-rise buildings in the world are based on frame technology. The most advanced of these is the technology frame-panel construction with the use of QFT (Structural insulated panels) KTP used in construction, have very high thermal insulation properties (up to 8 times warmer than the brick and concrete) and a relatively small thickness of the walls. At the same time structurally they are about 4 times stronger than wood-frame.

The cost of heating a home are minimal, thus allowing for both full and cost-effective heating of the building, in the absence of natural gas even in harsh conditions of the Far North. Houses built on the Canadian technology, have low cost and low consumption of materials. Approximate cost of basic kit home with a total area of about 140m of about 10,000 rubles. for 1m of floor area. At all stages of construction are used only hi-tech materials. Due to the unique properties of the wall panels are not susceptible to absorption of moisture and rotting. By design features inner and outer surfaces of the building are obtained perfectly smooth and ready for any traditional finish. The pace of construction, at least 20 times higher than traditional technologies. House, built on technology "ECOPAN" do not shrink and are ready to move in immediately after construction works. Technology ECOPAN considered one of the best collection of modern requirements for housing.

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