Mexico Studies

July 24, 2019

Develop a multiplatform game requires much time since for each platform version requires a different code, so it is customary for two studies to work in different versions of the game. So it was with Heroes of the Ring, whose version for Wii and PSP is being worked by Sabarasa. Sabarasa, Latin American study with presence in Argentina, Mexico, United States and Central America which employs around 80 employees was founded in 1996. One of the reasons why commissioned Sabarasa production of Heroes of the Ring for Wii and PSP is because he has worked in a wide range that includes games like Frontlines: Fuels of War, Section 8 and Save the Turtles. Sabarasa is one of the few Latin American studies development in Nintendo license to create games for both Wii and DS. In addition, it has licensed from Sony to create titles for PlayStation platforms. All have dreamed to be designers of video games and Sabarasa fought to return this dream in reality. No doubt is an example to be followed by other studies of the region.

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