Meterological Community

July 25, 2012

The objective of this work is to instigate to the metrolgica community to argue a conceptual regarding the metrologia in order to point out it as science of the measurement in the system of classification of the busy knowledge for too much sciences, and, in this manner, to contribute in the quarrels that involve the too much conceptualizations on metrologia. 1. INTRODUCTION The International Vocabulary of the Terms of Metrologia appeared of the necessity of if searching the international harmonization of the terminologies and the definitions used in the fields of the metrologia and the instrumentation. The adoption of this document assists the evolution and the dynamics of the process of globalization of the technological societies, the integration of the scientific community, the economic development, the magnifying of the markets and the reduction generality of costs. In the document the main terms directed to the practical application, not making, however, aluso to the bases and beddings had been dissecados or principles of the metrologia, leaving only the definition of Metrologia as science of the measurement. The previous definition 1 established later that metrologia was the science of the weights and measures, being modified, on the basis of the conceptualization that the metrologia dealt with an area of the associated knowledge the measurements, and in 1993, VIM (ISO), 2 Edition lf1 it established that metrologia is the science of the measurement. The Metrologia is present in the diverse applications in the world of the work 2 making possible the resolution of problems of the daily one, being an essential instrument for the construction of practical knowledge and in the too much curricular areas, contributing in the formation and intellectual qualification, the estruturao of the thought and the deductive reasoning.

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