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January 17, 2016
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Talking about shop tour, simply can not ignore Turkey. Firstly, because this country is famous not only for their fur, or rather their finish, and magnificent carpets, the price of which, however, many forced to grab the heart and the Turks – the interesting people who are madly in love to bargain, why the process becomes more interesting at times. Many Russians, going on holiday to Turkey, aim to acquire any fur. Shop tours in this country is to think ahead and know some tricks. For example, it is best to keep a dollar, because currency in Turkey are taking almost all the shops, it is possible to save money. Also, Remember that we always have to bargain in Turkey because it is a characteristic of their mentality.

And trade is on a major, often the price can be reset 3-4 times it's normal. Do not buy gold in Turkey, as the Turks themselves are not gold mined, they are buying it in bulk and process, adding to the weight of impurities not understand why the Turkish gold often turns black. Also, it makes no sense to expect to buy cheap Turkish leather. Quality will cost money, so you just sell cheap consumer goods. Do not be fooled! The most popular shop tours to Turkey – Tours for fur products.

The Turks – born wizard finishes fur, though often reluctantly bargaining, give it at a very modest, even prices. The sellers are good arguments, such as, "In Russia there is such a thing is worth less, so your goods will be based here at this price for very long," use their ignorance. Near Antalya is a good place Kundu. There is a very decent shopping center Hadrian. Here you can buy almost everything, clothes, accessories, gold … Reasonable prices, decent service. There is also a very convenient service for visitors, such as customer delivery center Hadrian in a car with a driver and vice versa. In short, Turkey – a great place for shopping. Shop tour is very comfortable, and sometimes even profitable!

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