Japanese Kitchen

October 17, 2019

With these helpers, cooking is fun and the preparation succeed right away the most beautiful and entertaining is cooking with a chef mate. This can a so very good take off, such as, for example, the annoying vegetables Schnipselei. The hard-working chef mate dark in any kitchen are missing. He or she freed the Cook from the ugly kitchen work such as the onions or peel potatoes. After all, who wants to have already become a sad Act of preparing a delicious meal? Who does not know it? You want to get a tomato small at lightning speed, but the skin turns out to be incredibly unruly.

No, this is not the evil will of the vegetables, but solely the wrong kitchen knife. Every Cook needs high-quality cooking utensils to the simple, good success of the supper. So you should use E.g. high-quality Japanese haiku knives instead of cheap hardware store tailors. Best in different versions, because for bread, it needs a different knife for a cucumber or a good piece of meat. Also a solid kitchen Board, most best wood, should be missing in any kitchen. The tedious snippets on a plate or on the table can hold up the whole cooking process or long-term unsightly traces in the kitchen. But that’s not all.

With a knife, you can get small no Parmesan. The next essential utensil is a kitchen grater, with four different faces for the cucumber salad, the Parmesan cheese and the tomato slices. A universal mixer is indispensable for all baking fairies. Well, do not: with lots of manually kneading and beating and stirring. At the latest for whipped cream, it is already somewhat difficult. Here is also the baking soda. A friend recently told how she abstained because “Back help” on the package and she wanted no help even blame. A stainless steel colander is simple but important. Without you will drain at the noodles, terrible to burn your fingers. Also ideal for canned food, such as mushrooms and co., because even here, drop off is a must. How annoying is when a carefully prepared meal will burn when cooking! This is often the cheap pot or bad pan. A good, coated purchase is recommended and will save a lot of stress. Fresh herbs are not only decorative, but also incredibly tasty. The correct whistle, only give to the meal. The icing on the cake in the kitchen is the accompanying music and the much-discussed cooking wine. Because one seems uncontroversial, it works is much easier when you have fun doing it.

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