IT Outsourcing

April 11, 2019

Full-time sysadmin, or give to it outsourcing? Let us consider the situation in detail. it outsourcing. The contract value for it outsourcing is from 600 rubles. a computer and 1500 rubles. per server per month. The minimum cost of office is from 5000 rub. per month. The contract for it outsourcing means compulsory preventive check-out employee 1 time per week + express check-out at the request of the Client in case of failure + telephone consultation.

But the most important when working in it outsourcing – an understanding that you do not pay for finding a specialist in the office, and for ensuring uninterrupted operation of the computer park. Usually specialists it outsourcing companies have more experience in dealing with non-trivial problem, because serves a number of offices and are often faced with non-issues. Plus, the management of it outsourcing companies interested in highly qualified employees, for which there are regular training and education. With regard to the tasks for configuring pbx, 1C, etc. – At a big it outsourcing company has employees who specialize in these areas. If you have any problems will come to you a qualified specialist in this area.

Less work for it outsourcing – lower efficiency. Arrival time specialist is about 2 hours. But you can be sure that the supplied problem will be solved promptly. With regard to the efficiency of working time – the it outsourcing company is not interested in being in your office longer than required to maintain its smooth operation. He did not will distribute games and suspicious software, negatively react to the request of the staff set up a network game, because not connected with them by ties of friendship. His task competently and quickly solve the problem in the client's request. Full-time administrator. Salary in the slightest degree of competent system administrator is not less than 22,000 rubles. per month. Additionally there are costs for taxes, maintenance of workplace (room rental, equipment, stationery, etc.), for a total average cost of keeping employees is 32,000 rubles. per month. The administrator of this qualification will be able to solve standard problems, but when confronted with issues of network configuration, pbx 1C, etc. he may have difficulties. Furthermore, even when solving trivial problems the company's management must be prepared to face the need to acquire equipment that could in the future and not helpful (Network testers, spare parts for diagnostic, stands, etc.). The undoubted advantage of the full-time employee is its accessibility from 9.00 to 18.00 and the ability to decide quickly he understands the problem. Next question – efficiency staff time. Sysadmin staff can handle the office from 40 – 50 computers with a high degree of efficiency. If your office has a smaller volume of the computer park – get ready for the fact that your employee will be free time to comprehend the subtleties of Call of Duty, Far Cry and other equally interesting games. Besides – do not be surprised if this is an exciting experience to be involved half the office.

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