International Technology Forum

January 26, 2013

Organized by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, International Technology Forum (ITF 2007) is a key event to learn about the latest scientific and technological developments and for any industry executives to get information and to exchange ideas (networking). Since 2002, ITF has met United States to the investment community and the business community to promote a solid economic environment. This year, the camera brings ITF Barcelona to approach investors in the United States companies. ITF is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers and, in addition, legal, managerial advisers of private equity firms, representatives of public administrations, executives of investment banks, financial analysts and the media. International Technology Forum will select twenty companies of technologies of information and communications, biotechnology and energy sectors to submit their projects to companies of capital risk and private investors of the United States. On vLex vLex (, innovative Spanish company that offers online services of international legal information, brings together the databases of legal information of more than 93 countries through its global multi-lingual search and navigation platform. VLex products characterized by the total interrelation between all contents and your daily update.

The product catalog includes the largest database of legal doctrine on the Internet, along with comprehensive databases on legislation, case law, contracts and forms, news, as well as collective agreements. Today, the global platform of vLex gathers more than 12 million international documents which can be found in 9 languages. In addition, all customers and users of vLex can access exclusive content and added value of own production, as well as major publishers legal as EDERSA, Dykinson, Montecorvo, University Ramon Areces, El Pais, CEDECS, between others. vLex has more than 10,000 customers worldwide including legal professionals, administrations and institutions. Some of their most important customers are Yale University, Sorbonne in Paris, University of California, Berkeley, Cuatrecasas, Garrigues, among others. With headquarters in Barcelona and commercial delegation in Madrid, vLex has offices in United States, Argentina and Venezuela, as well as international distributors around the world.

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