German Engineering

January 16, 2014

The German engineering and durability are the hallmark of this brand, which has manufactured watches for 150 years. The company began many years ago making watches in Saxony, Germany. Although it was limited to produce lower quality watches that had originally produced during World War II, the company had a rebound in 1990 due to a number of factors. After his recovery, the quality and beauty of their watches became it popular around the world. The company was founded by Adolf Lange and has been known by several names.

Named for the town where the company was originally located, then it was renamed when it fell under Soviet control. This new name was Glashutte Uhrenbetrieben GmbH or GUB to make it short. Their mercadeada to be attractive to buyers common standard quality watch production ended and the company began to return to its roots as a manufacturer of high quality watches. Glashutte Original, the company that emerged from this period of stagnation, began designing watches with Germans and dials and mechanisms boxes that gave them a distinct and extremely desirable appearance to watches. The company continued to produce complicated watches that were larger and heavier than other watches in the market.

Although the company was bought by the Swatch Group, the unmistakable German look remained in Glashutte Original watches. There are a number of watches that are popular around the world. Indeed, the company has a presence in over fifty countries around the world. These include markets like China (which is very difficult to penetrate by Western brands), Hong Kong, Singapore and many countries in the Middle East. The company also has devoted followers in the United States. The clocks are distributed through exclusive distributors as well as through nationwide distribution networks. Collectors around the world love the elegant models that this company is producing. Much of this expansion has been because of the market power which it enjoys Swatch around the world.

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